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The Fifth Sun: novel cover

Her deception brought them together.

But as Cortés tore their world apart, they found they needed each other in order to survive.

The Fifth Sun is a powerful story of love and loyalty set during the final days
of the mighty Aztec Empire.

Today I’m sharing a bit of shameless self-promotion in the launch of my latest novel. But this blog is intended to showcase a variety of writers: novelists, bloggers, editors, poets, screen writers, and so on. Each month there will be a guest post about writing. Two weeks later, I’ll post something from my research for The Fifth Sun. For example, I posted on the history of chocolate. Did you know the Olmec culture in MesoAmerica (1200 – 400 BCE) is the earliest recorded use?  The Aztecs introduced chocolate to Cortes, who took it back to Europe, where the French developed the chocolati√®re, a vessel uniquely suited to preparing hot chocolate. I posted a recipe for Mexican chocolate with chilis on this blog. Next, I’m writing about crystal scrying, and then perhaps the cultivation of cotton. There is so much research in historical novels that never makes it to the finished novel!

And even though it is historical, sometimes it is very timely! New discoveries in Mexico City show that the skull wall I wrote about is even larger than I imagined.

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Author Wendy Lozano worked as a diamond courier, a puppeteer, a Beat Poet, an off-Broadway actor, a tour guide, a folksinger, and a bartender before returning to the university for a Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary social sciences. After a long career as an academic, she has returned to her first love: writing. She is also the author of Sweet Abandon and She Who Was King, both available as ebooks.


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