When I wrote my first two books, my name was Wendy Lozano. I decided to continue using that name for my fiction writing.

Learn more about "Sweet Abandon"

Learn more about “Sweet Abandon”

I got the idea for Sweet Abandon almost 50 years ago! But my life was so hectic at the time, that I didn’t start to write it for several decades.

It is classic historical romance, set in what is now New England in the mid 17th century. I got hooked on doing research in writing Sweet Abandon.

Learn more about “She Who Was King”

She Who Was King takes place during the 18th dynasty of Egypt (15th century bce). You would think I would stick with 17th century New England, after all that research. It would have made things a lot easier. But I loved learning about new times and places, and hoped other people would too.This book is an historical novel. Yes, there is romance (isn’t there always), but it is not your typical formula historical romance.

These two books helped pay for graduate school! Click on the photos to learn more about them and watch their video previews.

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