The Fifth Sun

It’s almost here!

After decades of being limited by the restrictions of academic writing, I have finally returned to my roots! My third novel is being formatted and the cover designed for publication as you read this! 

The Fifth Sun is the story of an advisor to Moctezuma, head of the Jaguar Warriors, and a young temple dancer who are reluctantly forced to depend on each other in order to survive as the world they know comes to a crashing end during the Spanish Conquest. This is not a typical love story.

During the next few months, this blog will explore writing techniques as well as things I learned were 

Question mark suggesting that the Aztecs' fate is unknown after the arrival of Cortes.

part of the Aztec world during my research for this book. If you are interested in. . .

the color red

. . .be sure to check back here frequently.

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