Sweet Abandon

Chastity Cummings was born a Puritan, with glowing beauty and a restless spirit. It was her heart that drew her to the stranger she met in the woods, and her innocence that drew him to her. 

But he wasn’t the only man who wanted to claim her as his own—the village preacher who believes God intended for him to have her, the Indian chief’s son who saves her life, the French trapper who kidnaps her—all believe they and they alone will have her heart.

Little do they realize that she has given it to the man she laughingly calls My Handsome Stranger.

Author’s Note

Chastity Cummings wasn’t a real person, but she could have been. How would you have reacted if you had been raised in a Puritan household in 16th century New England? What if you had a streak of passion in your character to match the fire in your hair?

Metacom, his brother, and father were real people, although I have taken liberties with their early history. Metacom was such a romantic figure to me; I simply couldn’t help it.

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